Have you often wondered how to add humour to your writing, speeches or movies? 

This is where you will find the missing ingredient.

Comedy Ideas is an established group of creative writers, who specialise in writing comedy for organisations and individuals. 

Our comedy writers go to bed, dreaming about funny ideas, sketches and productions, and often wake up hysterical.

We have tried everything, to stop ourselves laughing. We've watched soap operas, visited accountants, sat in traffic jams and peeled onions. Nothing has fixed us.

Our team has thousands of years of comedy writing experience, dating back to prehistoric times. Some of our earliest work can be found in the Chauvet caves, in southern France. For a small fee, we can post you a slab of rock, as a sample of our work.

We are open-minded and can adapt to a wide variety of eccentrics. 

Comedy Ideas is currently based in a sardine tin, 
also known as London, UK. We are involved in 
overseas writing projects and welcome enquiries from more spacious English speaking countries.

by Creative Writers